Mustard-Orange Sprouted Tofu Stir Fry with Green Tea Noodles

I love the combination of green tea and orange, however if you can’t find green tea noodles, soba (buckwheat noodles) or udon work well too.  This dish is light, yet warming, which makes it good for all weather and seasons :).

Classically, a very high heat is used for stir fry, causing the oil to smoke, but when cooking at home, I tend to be a bit more conservative with such high heat, as vegetable oils are generally very heat sensitive, which means they oxidize easily under high heat and release carcinogenic free radicals, which you then consume.  To me, the whole benefit of cooking at home is that you have control over your meals and can reduce the amount of toxins in your life!

Sprouted tofu is easier to digest than regular tofu and is argued to neutralize the effect soy has on estrogen levels when consumed.  It tastes the same as regular tofu, so if you can find it, you might as well get it!

Mustard-Orange Sprouted Tofu Stir Fry with Green Tea Noodles - The Clean Gourmet

Serves 4


1 block sprouted firm tofu, cut into 1″ cubes and pressed between two towel-lined plates

1 tablespoon coconut or canola oil

2″ piece ginger, minced

1/2 medium yellow onion, sliced 1/4″ strips

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 medium carrots, cut on a bias 1/4″ thick

1 tablespoon mirin (I like Mitoku brand)

1 red bell pepper, sliced 1/4″ thick

3.5 oz shiitake mushrooms, sliced 1/4″ thick

1 head bok choy (not baby), stems cut into 1/2″ pieces and leaves cut into large chunks

black pepper, to taste

7 oz green tea or soba noodles

black and white sesame seeds, toasted

For the Marinade:

1 tablespoon mirin

2 tablespoons brown rice vinegar

1/4 cup shoyu or other high quality soy sauce or tamari (again, I like Mitoku)

juice of 1/2 an orange (feel free to add a little zest in as well-unfortunately, mine had already been zested for something else!)

1 tablespoon unrefined (not toasted) sesame oil or canola oil

1 teaspoon dijon mustard

pinch red pepper flakes

1/4 teaspoon ginger powder

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

What to do:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  Assemble marinade ingredients directly into a glass baking dish and whisk with a fork.  Add tofu chunks and toss to coat.  Place in oven.

In a medium pot, bring salted water to a boil for the noodles.

While the water comes to a boil, heat oil over medium-high heat in a large pot or cast-iron skillet.  Add ginger, onion, garlic and carrot.  Cook for a few minutes, tossing frequently.  Add mirin, mushrooms and bell pepper.  Cook another couple of minutes, until lightly browned and slightly wilted.

Flip tofu chunks and return to the oven.  Add bok choy stems to the vegetable pot and cook for about a minute.  Place noodles into boiling water and cook for 7 minutes, stirring occasionally.

While noodles cook, add bok choy leaves, toss and turn off the flame.  Remove tofu from oven and pour marinade into vegetables.  Toss vegetables.

Strain the noodles once tender and serve into individual bowls.  (Coat any remaining noodles with a touch of oil to keep from them sticking to themselves.)  Top with vegetables and a few pieces of tofu (make sure you get some of that sauce, too!).  Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and serve.

Mustard-Orange Sprouted Tofu Stir Fry with Green Tea Noodles - The Clean Gourmet

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Winter Citrus and Escarole Salad (Insalata Invernale di Agrumi e Scarola)

This is a result of healthy/seasonal food cravings after having an heavy lunch this past Sunday.  It completely hit the spot…If you want to be “fancy” you can serve at as in the picture, but feel free to chop up the escarole and orange for easier communal serving.

This is a good side to accompany a white fish, cannellini beans or marinated tempeh.  I like the balance of multiple acids, which is why I use lemon juice over oranges with a touch of apple cider vinegar to balance the lemon.  However, if you don’t have any good apple cider vinegar on hand, I recommend you just use more lemon juice in its place.

I highly recommend that you mix the dressing before preparing the vegetables to allow the flavors to marry and to allow the dried mint to open up in the liquid.  Also, be sure to rinse the escarole well as it can be quite sandy.

I hope you enjoy my first NY recipe!

What you need:

For the dressing:

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons walnut or extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (or more lemon juice)

1 tablespoon maple syrup

juice from 1 tablespoon grated ginger (simply squeeze it in the palm of your hand or through a cheesecloth or nut milk bag and discard the fiber)

2 tablespoons finely chopped shallot (about 1 shallot)

1/2 teaspoon dried mint

1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt

freshly ground black pepper, to taste

For the salad:

1 head escarole, leaves removed from core, well rinsed and dried in a salad spinner or on a clean dish towel

1 orange, peel and pith removed with your knife and sliced into 1/4″ slices

5 radishes, thinly sliced

chia seeds, for sprinkling

What to do:

Whisk dressing ingredients together in a small bowl and set aside.


Arrange in layers: escarole leaf, orange slice, radish slice.  Repeat three times per plate.

Drizzle with dressing and sprinkle chia seeds.

*You can also chop the escarole leaves and quarter the orange slices to toss in a communal bowl with the radish slices, dressing and chia seeds.

Insalata Invernale di Agrumi e Scarola:

Cosa serve:

Per la salsa:

2 cucchiai di succo di limone

2 cucchiai d’olio di noce o extra vergine d’oliva

1 cucchiaio d’aceto di mele

1 cucchiaio di sciroppo d’acero

succo d’un cucchiaio di zenzero grattugiato (semplicemente stringetelo tra i palmi e raccogliete il succo, scartando le fibre)

2 cucchiai di scalogno, tritato (circa un scalogno)

1/2 cucchiaino di menta essiccata

1/2 cucchiaino di sale marino

pepe nero macinato

Per l’insalata:

1 grappolo di scarola, foglie separate dal torsolo e ben lavate ed asciugate (consiglio di asciugarle in una centrifuga scolaverdure o in uno strofinaccio)

1 arancia, pelata (inclusa la parte fibrosa) e tagliata in fette da circa un centimetro

5 ravanelli, affettate sottilmente

semi di cia, per cospargere

Cosa fare:

Frustate gli ingredienti per la salsa in una scodella piccola e mettete da parte.


Mettete in strati su ogni piatto: una foglia di scarola, una fetta d’arancia ed una fetta di ravanello.  Ripetete tre volte per ogni piatto.

Fate cadere gocce di salsa e cospargete i semi di cia sulla verdura.

*Potete anche servire in un’insalatiera grande, tagliando la scarola e facendo pezzetti d’arancia per unire al ravanello, la salsa ed i semi di cia.

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