• Sweet Surrender Grape Preserves - I haven’t had a classic PB&J in years because, honestly, I’m not into grape jelly.  Any jelly, really.  Preserves, which contain the whole fruit, are much better.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find grape preserves anywhere. Small fruits like grapes, figs, and berries are my favorite, since I prefer to graze on fruit a bit at a time and can … Read More
  • Creamy Vegan Red Pepper and Tomato Summer Sauce - If you have tons of tomatoes, this is a great way to preserve them.  I make this sauce every August/September when I’m drowning in tomatoes and peppers, picked ripe from local vines.  None may go to waste! Simmering tomatoes with olive oil makes the naturally occurring lycopene and carotenoids much more available for absorption by the … Read More
  • Radish Top and Parsley Stem Pesto (Pesto di Cime di Ravanelli e Gambi di Prezzemolo) - No waste!  It’s satisfying to make a meal out of what is so often thrown away, especially one that tastes really good:).  All those green leaves attached to organic radishes and flavorful parsley stems should not be bound for the garbage!  I am all for “whole foods” cooking*, which means eating entire entities for optimal nutrition, and this recipe is no … Read More
  • Cherry and Orange-Sweetened Cranberry Sauce with Apple and Spices - Three weeks until Thanksgiving!  For some reason, every year after Thanksgiving I continue to make cranberry sauce for several weeks, as I’m reminded how versatile it is.  It’s a great balancer for savory dishes, a flavorful topper for oatmeal and yogurt, as well as a satisfying dessert on its own. Cranberries are very tart and are … Read More
  • Vanilla Plum Kuzu Preserves (Conserva di Prugne alla Vaniglia con Kuzu) - Follow my blog with Bloglovin Plums are in season and we’ve been getting a lot of them through our CSA.  These Damsons have that quintessential “prune” taste, so they become very rich when reduced to a preserve and do not need much sweetener. Instead of the usual 2:1 ratio of fruit to sugar, I added a little blueberry … Read More
  • Avocado and Roasted Tomatillo Dip - My CSA this week included five beautiful tomatillos.  I’d never cooked them myself before and had only eaten them in the form of green enchiladas and salsa verde in various Mexican restaurants in California.  But here I was in New York City with five locally grown tomatillos.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly excited when I … Read More